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Introductory as they say are one of the most important keynotes of any presentation. I’m not here to present nor try to give the best introduction to a blog post, but I’d what I’d like to do is just give a good and simple welcome to an extremely important product that we’re proud of developing over the past few months.



BotMill – we termed it like this because of how we actually create bots with our framework. We believe developing applications – not just chatbots – needs precision, craftiness and keen attention to details. To create the most crafty and stable BotMill libraries – we chose the most respected platform of them all – Java.

Our backend core uses Java Programming Language – simple, elegant and most important of all, precise. All source code classes are created to it’s purpose, well structured factory methods to encapsulate the the engine behind the scenes and Builders to create “brick by brick” the perfect object you need for your ChatBot application. The best of it all, our framework is easy to setup and can be integrated seamlessly with your Java Application.

As of today – our collection of libraries supports Facebook and Kik. Our Telegram, Slack and Skype libraries are on it’s way that we will eventually package into a Studio IDE tool. We also developed plugins that can be used to seamlessly integrate with NLU services such as RASA, WIT and API.AI. Custom made plugins for State Management and Flow Control as well as great developer support cast.

The Future
…Looks bright. We’re working on Telegram, Slack, Skype and also taping into Voice AI on Alexa/Echo. We’re also in the early parts of our planning stage for our BotMill Studio – our one stop shop of ChatBot Development Tools.

It has been a great 2017 for us – we’re proud of what we have and will accomplish this year.

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