Built using the most respected Programming Language of them all.


Builders and Factories

Powerful set of builders and factory objects to create the perfect bot.


Data access

Built-in MongoDB wrapper for easy data storage and retrieval.


Security using Jaspyt

Built-in Jaspyt Encryption mechanism to secure text-based configuration

For Developers. By Developers.

Library is written in the most respected and well documented programming platform of them all, Java. It was aimed to be part of the developers arsenal to create the most sophisticated rule based or machine learning based bots.


Builder / Factory Objects

A collection of Java objects based on builder and factory patterns to guide the developers on creating the perfect Bot event catchers and response.

Annotate Java classes and methods to tag them as behaviors, making that you catch all possible scenarios and build a respond the corresponds to user input.


Data Storage with MongoDB

Built-in MongoDB to store and retrieve data within your bots.

MongoDB is our primary backend storage but our framework has built in adapters for RDBMS connectivity.


NLU/NLP Integration

Integrate seamlessly with Rasa NLU with our RASA NLU library. Most of populate NLU/NLP engine has it’s own Java Library which you can easily integrate with the framework.

Need a ChatBot for your Business?

We can definitely help you with your ChatBots for your business.


Supported Platforms

Our framework currently supports Facebook, Kik and Telegram. Others are on it’s way.


Soon: BotMill-Studio

One stop tool to create bots across different platforms. Features include: GUI based response builder, analytics and metrics and more add on plugins/modules.

Join Us

We’ve got a lot of stuff going on and everyone is welcome to join us! We’re looking for maintainers and contributors to help us get to the next level.